A cure for writers’ block?

December 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I recently started doing Bikram Yoga and to my surprise I loved it. My mum was actually the one that talked me into going; and after a few days of saying “but what if I have a heart attack and die?” I finally went along. And would you believe I actually did seven consecutive 90 minute sessions?! Even my mum was shocked at my sudden transformation into yoga bunny goddess 😉

One of the main reasons I really enjoy going is because it helps me to be more determined and focused on achieving a set goal. Fellow yoga bunnies out there will know how hard it can be to hold a pose in The Balancing Series but you have to solider through. Well I’ve applied that method to my writing and it has even helped me with my dreaded writers block.

The end goal is always worth it!

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The Story of Babalou Roy is a brilliant collection of unsettling and disturbing short stories which you could enjoy easily in one sitting should the mood take you (the whole book is just under 100 pages). The tales are based around characters in everyday life that most people don’t want to see or hear about, people who are considered the lowest of the low, whether through their own actions or who have merely ended up that way because of mental illness etc.

My favourite stories were the title one, which made me laugh out loud; The Need which will have you recoiling and squirming in your chair from start to finish, and The Story of Harry Bird which is very sad.

I noticed on the back cover that a percentage of the proceeds go to the charity Shelter, which I thought was very appropriate given the nature of some of the stories.

I really enjoyed The Story of Babalou Roy, it’s definitely something I would have been happy to purchase myself and I look forward to seeing what the author does next.


Thank you so much! xoxo

It’s been a while

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. Bad, I know. I’ve made a promise to myself to keep everyone updated from now on without long hiatuses.

And what better way to start a new ‘blog post era’ by wishing good health and happiness to all of the same-sex couples that are getting married in New York today. This is a truly memorable day and I can only imagine the happiness they feel.


Amelia xxxxxxxx

All smiles @ London Book Fair

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London Book Fair

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More pics to follow xxx

The importance of a plan

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, my life was recently organised by a lovely life coach friend of mine; and I must confess that I’ve already started to feel less overwhelmed. Sometimes when time isn’t allocated for different projects they tend to fall by the wayside. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across old ideas that never took off just because I didn’t allocate the time to work on them.

My iPad has now been updated and all my reminders have been set for the forthcoming month. Now, It’s just up to me to stick with it. Do any of you have any tips on organising your schedule?

Self-publishing workshop

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m currently brainstorming the itinerary for my self-publishing workshop. I’m currently taking requests or suggestions for the workshop. Are there any special topics you would like covered?